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Would you recommend Lisa's services to others? Please explain.
I would definitely recommend Lisa, and have already been in discussion to add more of my children into her program. The results in such a short time, has brought me to this decision. My niece recently came to live with me at four years old. When she arrived she spoke little English and was below all academic standards. In the short time she has spent with Lisa, she has made a huge transformation and is close to getting where she needs to for class. The results are honestly a recommendation in itself!

As a parent, what have you enjoyed the most about working with Lisa?
I have to be honest the results are definitely my favorite but it also just makes me happy to see how excited my child is to go learn. We all know how hard it is to get our child who has their face peeled to the TV. As soon as I tell her it's time to see Lisa she immediately starts looking for her shoes. It's always a plus when your child is excited to learn especially after being in school all day.

What is the rigor involved in each of your child's tutoring sessions?
(What are some activities that Lisa does pertinent to your child's learning needs?)

I have talked to my child's teachers and have made a list of things that she is struggling with. Unfortunately in her case it was most things. Lisa has her own methods such as teaching sentences in single words and then combining them to a sentence. Lisa teaches lessons based on the Common Core standards and makes each lesson fun. This has proven to help my niece learn to read, write, and to just be more overall successful with her academics.

Would you recommend Lisa's services to others?
Yes, Lisa is fantastic with kids and goes over all skills that she will be teaching with the parent prior to each session. She also gives a post progress report after each session.

As a parent, what have you enjoyed the most about working with Lisa?
Lisa has been tutoring for several years. She is intelligent, friendly, and listens to the needs of the child from the parent, as well as the child's teacher. When planning her lessons, she takes those needs into account and gears them towards math, reading, and social skills. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who would like to get their child working on grade-level or simply receive additional work in any subject area. She is the best tutor we have had and my daughter looks forward to her every summer, as well as my husband and myself.

As a parent, what have you enjoyed the most about working with Lisa?
Lisa has consistently reached out to me to let me know my daughter's progress.

Have you seen results since your child has begun tutoring?
I have seen great results, both in my child's attitude and academics.


Would you recommend Lisa's services to others?
I have worked with Lisa for two years. In this time, she has been wonderful. I enjoy working with her and she is great to talk to and makes me want to learn.

Have you seen results since you began tutoring?
My results this year have been better than ever before. I think it is because Lisa has been working with me so often.

What is the rigor involved in your tutoring sessions?
When working with Lisa, we have done many fun projects. Some that we have done are: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, a weather project, and one displaying how the water cycle works.

Would you recommend Lisa's services to others?
I would recommend Lisa's services to children of any age. She is a nice, loving person and she cares about her students.

If you had to rate Lisa using the following scale: excellent, good, fair, ok, what would you rate her and why?
Lisa is excellent, because she cares about you and she is the best teacher you could ever ask for.

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