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Why Choose Teacher's Choice?

Your child is your heart, body, and soul; a true extension of who you are. Their success is your triumph and a reflection of your guidance. When a child falls behind in the classroom, you feel their pain, and it is time for your guidance.

Teacher's Choice is who the professionals trust, it is who understands the classroom the best because they are the ones designing the curriculum based on New York State Common Core Standards. When you are looking for an academic solution to your child's educational needs, the answer is easy. Choose who the professionals trust, choose Teacher's Choice.

We are not a corporate box tutoring company, who have a scripted and cookie cutter approach for all children in kindergarten, first grade, etc. Every child is individually assessed and every lesson is personalized to meet the academic needs to achieve their education goals.

A free consultation is available for each child before tutoring sessions begin. In this consultation, Lisa will sit down with parents/guardians to identify learning goals. Each child's current teacher will be contacted in order to get a better understanding of your child's learning needs. Through this unique approach of feedback from teacher and parent, the student's learning environment will be personally crafted and an education model will be created in order to achieve maximum results.

Who are our students?

We offer a wide range of customized, one-on-one, as well as group tutoring programs to students of ages pre-k through sixth grade. We work with students that are academically challenged, as well as those that are academically gifted.

Founder's Message:

Lisa Markese founded Teacher's Choice Tutoring in 2013 and has been a classroom teacher for over 10 years in the Rochester area. With a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Master of Science in Special Education, and a New York State permanent teacher certification, Lisa is more than qualified to meet the educational needs of your child. She takes great pride in the fact that she has tutored and mentored over 1,000 students.

Qualifications and State Certifications:


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Lisa Markese | Teacher's Choice Tutoring | Rochester, NY

Lisa Markese
Founder of Teacher's Choice Tutoring